Blackwoods of Blackpool

Specialist producers of Blackpool Rock

Tel: 01253 763619

History of Blackwoods Rock

Has celebrated it's Diamod Jubilee Anniversary of 70 years manufacturing in Blackpool. We are the oldest Rock company in Blackpool still making rock under the same family ownership.

Blackwoods is situated in the heart of the Lettered Rock industry here in Blackpool in the North of England. At one time there were over fifty manufacturers when Blackpool Rock was at its most popular but now there are about twenty factories here all making tons of rock and rock novelties all the year round and selling huge quantities.

Bob Blackwood was our founder. He bought an already established factory when Blackpool Rock was an exciting business to be in, in spite of sugar and rock being rationed because of shortages during the war. In those days Rock manufacturers could sell all they made within hours of it hitting the shops. People queued for it and fought over it!

The company went on to open shops and two very successful stalls on Blackpool Pleasure Beach where crowds gathered to watch rock being made and buy it. Holiday makers who came to Blackpool would never go home without a stick of rock. They still come in our shop today and say 'I daren't go home without some rock!'

Still the most asked question is 'How do you get the letters in the rock?' Find the answer to this and more about Blackwood's and Blackpool Rock in the book written by one of our directors, Margaret Race.